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10.07.2012 16:11

We Are Live…

Through times of uncertainty we know no fear. We looked failure deep in its eyes and said, “We are far worse than you. Do you dare lower your standards of association?”

Our goal was achieved and shared with the members of the Movement who mean the most to us. From the bottom of our black, selfish hearts, THANK YOU.

Though we live in distractions from our love-to-hate pass time as crummy, second rate, punk rockers, we took the floor and protested with every ounce of passion and ability that we had—even dragged down another prominent member of the Albuquerque music scene to play with us. God, forgive us.

The biggest thank you(s) is/are extended to the following people: Mike Day (Knife City Studios AKA Dude Sauna Studios), Karl Deuble from distances, distances, the Wagon Wheel, Arroyo Deathmatch, Emergency Ahead, Beard, Video Games, Claire Gutierrez, Rico Ramirez, Belinda Garley, the Playboy found under the floor at The Wagon Wheel, Funky Town, and all of our friends.


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09.18.2012 01:38

We Are Live…

This release shouldn’t have happened. To all the members of the movement who have been licking your fingers in anticipation, here it is. We give it away with all the thanks and humble bullshit you’ve come to expect from us as scumbags.

In return share and do things that are cool for people you think are cool but actually suck.

Hugs and sloppy kisses,


Click image to Download Hollywood Finally

Click the links below for info on our release protests.

Saturday, September 29, 2012 @ Burt's Tiki Lounge

Saturday, October 2, 2012 @ The Wagon Wheel

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05.17.2012 13:24

We Are Live…

The new release is moving forward. It will be finished over the summer and released end of September. We are planning two release protests with some of our best friends. More info to come around August-ish.

The After After Party Performance with Steven Michael Quezada hasn’t surfaced yet. It will air on the CW on Friday night June 8, or really it’s early Saturday morning June 9. It will be recorded and leaked if you miss it.

There is a protest Wednesday, May 23 @ the Gasworks with Coma Recovery and friends. More info here. This is the last time you’ll be able to see us for the summer before **** and **** are gone for the Summer.

We are proud to announce that our next show after the 23rd is Spew Fest 2, which is August 18 with arguably the best locals in the ABQ scene. We will be selling tickets starting in June. Buy ours only if Epiphany doesn’t have any. Spew Fest is a very special event to the local scene. We will be tail-gating all day—catching all the acts and making it sincerely the best show of the year.

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02.20.2012 23:11

We Are Live…

Fans and haters usually think selling out is easy—it’s not. Fear did it on Saturday Night Live in 1981 and we’re hoping for the same success. If it’s good enough for Fear it’s good enough for the Movement. On Tuesday March 6, 2012 we will be protesting at the After After Party with Steven Michael Quezada. Show is ALL AGES and FREE. We ask everyone come and PARTICAPATE in what we normally do, but on television. Get famous. Event info here.

We have two protests in March that we’re really excited about. The first, Saturday March 17th is in support of our friends in Mistress of My Enemy’s Album Release. The second, Saturday March 31st with Forever an End and friends. These will be the last times we will be playing till the Hollywood Finally release shows. Check the Live Protest's page for more info.

We know a few more songs than we didn’t know before. Hollywood Finally AKA xBOOZExWHOREx, should be out end of May-ish if no one fucks up.

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01.18.2012 10:58

We Are Live…

There are protests happening soon. One, is for a very unfortunate gentleman named Devon Bailey. He's stricken with Brobriameirs Syndrome. It's a sad disease where one can not eat with a spoon or a fork. We are raising money for the friends of Devon Bailey; however, if you bring sporks, birth control pills, over-sized condoms, beard conditioner or things of the like, we can help Devon. This show is on January 27 @ Amped, all ages. After our protest at Amped, go to Burt's for *****'s other band's show. She is in a band called Beard.

The new record we have affectionately called "Boozewhore," but really isn't called that, is scheduled to be recorded in FEB for a spring/summer release. Hopefully we won't get a lot of "dude, the new one is good, but your first one--oh shit!"

We are getting booked onto other shows in the coming months. MITE is really not in a state of knowing a lot of things so if you ask, we will do the best to answer your Q's with A's.

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01.03.2012 23:32

We Are Live…

If you came to the NYE house show party at Dad's house, you saw the worst and best of us. The protest was fun. Like really fun. We are now feeling better--the night was filled with certain layers of pain. Moral of the story: Don't talk shit on The Strokes around people who like them.

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12.03.2011 02:58

We Are Live…

This is a lesson for believers and non-believers alike. Has the movement ever deserted you? No. The minute you let your imagination run wild, you're open to tentacles of influence. Every minute of "this is the end"--lies lies lies. We're sorry--lessons can be harsh. Your reward is this rough new song. It will be performed Sunday. Till next time, It's all heart, fists, blood, and our little black books. Enjoy.

Your friends,


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12.01.2011 00:02

We Are Live…


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11.30.2011 00:04

We Are Live…


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11.22.2011 10:09

We Are Live…

Suspicions and rumors are true: We cannot stand each other and some people feel entitled to things that were never theirs. Here’s a video about it. Last show 12/04/2011. Show info here: Music is the Enemy, Gardening, Not Architecture, Chris Staples, and Rawrr! @ Gasworks 12-04-2011

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11.07.2011 04:35

We Are Live…

We are going back at it, but only for a few times this year. We broke-up about six or seven times and then got back together, then, broke-up again yesterday, but pulled it back together. Not really. Whatever. Show on Dec 4th will be one of the first in a long time, and one not to miss. We will be playing with Gardening, Not Architecture, a close friend of the movement who will also be playing bass with us for that night’s protest.

When a certain member of the movement heals after his surgery we will be doing a big protest to celebrate with local notables.

Click on the image below to view protest information.

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03.22.2011 20:53

We Are Live…

Acts of greatness are lost more often than not in time--It’s the acts of infamy we remember. They ingrain themselves to our memory in hopes that we can avoid them ever happening again. It is still no use, the tragedy and doom are what keep us livid. It’s what keeps us in the fight. It is our demon. When you’re comfortable you’re dead.

The movement is truly inspired by the friends it has made in Texas. Most notably a Mr. McBride who single handedly made dreams come true, and other great spunk. We will be back in Texas May 13 (Amarillo) and 14 (Lubbock). On Friday, April 8 we are protesting in Phoenix.

The Covers EP release shows are creeping up: Saturday, March 26 @ Amped (4200 Lomas) w/ Second Thought, The Ill Motion, Roo, Bad, and the Balcony Scene. Saturday, April 9 @ Burt’s (313 Gold) w/Rawrr!, Epiphany, Starkiller(maybe), Ties to the Flesh.

The forged piece of lolly-gagging bullshit is nearing completion, the Covers EP. It’s up for pre-order with the first 30 people who buy it get limited MITE trading cards that do show the true identities of the core members of the movement. There are six cards to a pack and only 60 copies made for sale. The EP is printed and comes with a 14” x 14” five-color, screen-printed tapestry with art done by Al Nair.

The EP can be pre-ordered here >>> COVERS EP PRE-PREORDER - LIMITED TO 60 UNITS!

We are not alone in releasing liberating audio joints. Our friends in Epiphany, and Tenderizer are also in the same place. Look for them. Don’t be silent.

Spear the demon to cripple him, not destroy. Destroying doesn’t mean that it will end. It will only come back—maybe even stronger. If you can keep it tied up in the back, watch what its doing and shit, you should be golden.

End Transmission...

Listen to an audio recording of this Wire Communication


02.16.2011 21:46

We Are Live…

The time is now to spread the poison down the vain. To de-localize the impact of the hammer we have felt many times before. It is now that we wring out the wounds into the well and watch as our intentions seep further into the machine.

Several protests are being held throughout the region. Feb. 25 in Los Lunas and then Feb. 26 at Amped for a brutal show with Mistress of My Enemy, Scarless, The Scarlet Ruse, and Atlas, who will be releasing their new audio poison. Then, in March, Texas will experience its first protests.

We are also pleased to announce the release of a new set of anthems. The works are not our own. They are borrowed. Recording will commence soon and a call to our comrades will be going out to participate in gang vocals. Preparation is key--memorize the following: “No Children,” “Cream” and “Fuck You.”

A 21+ release protest is sked for April 9th @ Burt’s. The all ages release is still in preparation. The release will be limited to 60 copies.

A man shows his worth when he is spread too thin. When his smallest working parts are stripped and displayed. And with shallow breaths he will curse those that seek to gain advantage of his state. And he will fight them, and he will lose, but his gaze will never leave his assailant.

End Transmission...


01.26.2011 23:46

We Are Live…


Fri Jan 28th @ Amped Performance Center (4200 Lomas) w/Harlow Defense, 3 Time Toxic. $5 All Ages 7 p.m.

Fri Feb 4th @ Burt's (313 Gold) w/Sputniq, Push Back, Ties to the Flesh. Free 21+ 10 p.m.

One can only hope that his or her life has meaning. That this existence is a unique one. That with just a thought, one has created something intangible. But we cannot create, we are incapable of such an act. Our existence is a collection of good ideas rehashed into clever ones repackaged into titillating ones. We should not waste our time trying to invent for time will never acknowledge our accomplishments as more than grand plagiarism. No, we must realize our place in this life as a thief and we must steal only what is most precious. We must pillage our name from the very lips of god.

The movement continues forward as we stage our protest and greet comrades new and old to the violence. We will be at Amped Friday with Harlow Defense and 3 Times Toxic for Steve’s Birthday Bash. February 4th at Burts Tiki lounge for a 21+ cage match with Sputniq.

A new audio protest is currently in the research and development stage. Some have been heard, some have yet to be heard and fewer still are still but an idea. We are alchemists. And exorcists. And we never had a thing to say from the beginning so we will stop pretending.

When the last of the poets are dead, no one will speak at his funeral. When the last of the scientists are dead, no one will bury his body. When the last of the philosophers are dead, no one will look to god for answers. And when I am dead no one will remember that we never believed in him in the first place.

End Transmission…


12.09.2010 08:16

We Are Live…

Let us Take a moment to to revel in our past. To remember our glory, our victories, our conviction. We will remember the final forms of the corpses that scattered the battlefield--ally and enemy--as one in the same. We will not differentiate between the dead, the dying, and those too foolhardy to do neither. We will remember it all and we will be silent, and god willing we will remember to take breath. We will not linger past this breath. To pay our respect to the carnage we will walk forward to lands untouched and pure and when we arrive, this is where we will spill new blood.

We would like to thank our comrades for the success of our recent exploits, the release of Mr. Murdoch has been a tremendous experience and the enthusiasm over new propaganda has been outstanding. Media has begun to take notice of the movement's efforts as seen by our theft of multiple awards and blurbs in local rags. But now as a New Year approaches its time to look forward and prepare for the future of the movement.

We have several protests lined up for the the last days of this year. Dec 18th @ Burts for our 21 and over comrades with Harlow Defense, Sabertooth Cavity, Distances and certain beloved creatures of the sea. Then just announced for the younger comrades Dec 22nd at Winnings Coffee House with Roo and then eats them (former Yodas House). Both shows are free (donations appreciated at Winnings).

New material is already in the planning stages with a cover by a certain Indie band to be debut at Winnings and a new original song out possibly as soon as Jan. A split vinyl release is also in the makings with certain movement alumni. Finally for those of you not in the Albuquerque area we will be taking the movement to your town soon so if you have any information about places to hold a protest or bands interested in joining the movement please contact us.

A man is a product of the time he disgraces with breath. He is a sum of the men who lived in those moments. Every instant he is born and in the next is passing and as each one dies he fills his past with memories. Let us not mourn the dead and let us not pander to the pleas of the dying. We look to those unborn on trial for acts not yet committed. And we sentence them. We sentence them to death.

End Transmission…


12.01.2010 11:24

We Are Live…

ABQ The Award

We had 0 interest in being the ‘best’ at anything other than butt darts and bowling. Members of the movement saw it differently and demanded recognition from one of this town’s most prestigious monthly publications. Tonight, we join the ranks of those who would destroy us (if they had the chance). We will smile, talk shop and push the movement in a more public forum. We are thankful. We are ashamed. We are proud. We are hurt. We are something yet something else. Bottom line is we got hair cuts.

End Transmission…


11.13.2010 09:19

We Are Live…

We have seen much in the last few weeks. We have seen the meek fight as the strongest warriors, the desperate find comfort in violence, and the tainted shed the purest blood. It is in destruction that a man can see the beauty, in the blood soaked battlefield that he knows peace, and in the chaos that he feels comfort. It is my honor to say that in recent times I have seen this man many a time wearing several different faces. I have fought with him and I have buried him and it is now that I choose to honor and remember him.

Comrades we thank you for coming and protesting with us at the Treehouse and Burt’s, for spreading the movement and singing the chorus of the fight. We cherish your battle scars and we wear our own with pride. The movement has never seen a rebellion with so much fire and so much more gasoline and for that we are forever in your debt. We mourn the loss of the Treehouse and await the next endeavor that those comrades choose to command.

We are not stopping, we will continue to push …Mr. Murdoch We’re Ready For Our Target Audience and continue protesting. Friday November 19 we will be protesting with Emergency Ahead, Martial Law and Wombaz at Amped Performance Center (4200 Lomas).

Copies of the anthems and other propaganda are still available in our propaganda outlet on If you don’t own the hits yet they are available on iTunes, and Do not fear losing your voice. You must scream. Do not fear spilling your blood. You must fight. Do not fear the fall. You must hurl your body from the cliffs. The movement will guide you. The movement will save you. The movement will save us all.

End Transmission…


09.23.2010 00:05

We Are Live…

Album Release Protests This Saturday @ The Tree House (1323 coal $5 CD is free with entry), and the following Saturday @ Burt's Tiki Lounge (10p.m. free 21+).

Never have I believed so much in our cause. That this sound that we all take for granted is slowly destroying us few that choose to create it.

I live my ordinary life, doing my ordinary things. Things that make many people feel content, loved, and accomplished. But then I leave this life. Looking to music to give me something more, like the greedy beggar I am. And for a few hours I feel alive. I feel like I’ve never been alive before and am waking for the first time. I leave everything on that stage. All my blood, my working parts, my fears, my pleasures, my pain, my insecurities, my sweat and spit and cum, my lovers, my family, my life. And for a few hours a few lives connect with mine. To them I’ve done something special, something unique. To them I am something special, something unique. And for a few hours I believe I have found the piece of my puzzle that has been missing for so long.

But then I wake up. I wake up alone curled up like a fetus, covered in bruises and cuts and dried blood. I wonder into the world a man who has seen too much, who has done too much. A man bent and crooked and scared by his past. And in this world I am nothing and no one sees the sacrifice, the honesty, the beauty of what I’ve done. And nothing in this world feels selfless, honest, or beautiful to me anymore. In this place I am a broken man, a bitter man, a lonely man. And there is only one thing that can make me feel like a person. Only one thing that makes me feel like myself. Only one thing left in my life that means anything.

Forgive me Lord, for I have laid with this temptress and I do truly believe with all my being that I am in love. Forgive me Lord, for I know why I suffer, how I have forsaken you, but I fear I have not the strength, lest the desire to change. Forgive me Lord, for now in my selfishness and despair, I am your enemy.

End Transmission…


07.11.2010 18:17

We Are Live…

The bloodlust, the godlessness, the depravity of war. These things do not tax the mind of the soldier. It is in the preparation for war that insanity lies. The sharpening of knives, the loading of guns, the fitting of armor. These are the acts that release a man from morality, prepare him for the unspeakable acts he must commit. In preparing for ones’ death and bracing for the moment when he may deliver his enemy to his, this is then that a man is no longer bound by his human condition. It is then that he is free.

Comrades, we have retreated into the dark to prepare. We prepare for war on this city, on this scene, on this idea. Our first auditory manifesto Mr. Murdoch… Were Ready For Our Target Audience is currently being made and will be released during the Fall. We will be developing new propaganda for this glorious day and be assured you will know when the time is near. We will be meeting at the Tree House July 30th to add all our voices to the chorus and all in the movement are encouraged to attend. We ask that you prepare. Prepare for the streets of this city to run red, the buildings to find ruin, and the fear to take the weak into darkness.

We are now soldiers. As close to death as men can be, but closer to the fire that cleanses. We will destroy this city. We will destroy it to save it. We will cut its throat so that once more it may breath.

End Transmission…


05.10.2010 00:32

We Are Live…

Silence is the catalyst--the precursor to the flood. It is in silence that the most sinister plots are developed, and the animosity and bitterness compounds itself. A time when the lions sleeps, but the hunter rages. It is not itself an inaction, but a calculation—a chance to take in the gravity of the impending destruction. A chance to forgive the enemy’s sins while solidifying their fate. For the wicked and perverse are not so different from the just, and the hammer will one day fall on us all. For we are all criminals, and vigilantes, but it is this moment that we swing the hammer, and we will do so with no remorse. And when our time comes to face our judgment we will do so stoically. For it is not sin that makes a man evil. It is cowardice.

We have been in radio silence for some time now. To this point we apologize for keeping our comrades in the dark. Some calculations must be done in secrecy though, and this is such a time. We are privileged to report that we have a new member joining our resistance. Of course, as always, key members’ identities are kept secret, but we are sure that the evidence of their work will be noticed.

Funding has been scarce and resources limited, but the LP is still in the works and has a release date in September. We have scrapped the previous plan involving more conventional methods due to security risks. Instead we will be using a guerilla style technique to achieve our goals. We cannot provide specific details, but will, as always, keep you posted on new developments.

The last protest of the summer will be this Saturday June 12 at Warehouse 508 for 1st Street Smash. We will be protesting in unusual fashion. If you attend it will change you. We would like to thank our comrades at the Coalmine, Tree House, and Burt’s for providing a solid base of operations. It is with their help that many of our plans have developed and been brought to action.

There is no fear in the chaos and violence of the attack. The fear is in the silence before the attack. It is then that one is faced with all past actions. It is then that that every man is his or her worst reflection. It is then that every man deserves death.

…End Transmission


03.24.2010 23:26

We Are Live…

There is no fear in death. There is only fear to be a washed up shell of a man. A man covered in scars, haunted by memories. A man's life reduced to what he used to be--of glory days and times when fear was not a word uttered because all words uttered stank of sex and decadence. All his world is fear now. A damn overflowing. A man who cheated life and now lives with death. This is who we will become. This is who we have always been.

The protest continues though the settings have changed. Sunday March 28th we will be at UNM in the SUB Ballroom protesting the battle of the bands. Then we will be at The Tree House (1323 coal) April 9th for a free house show.

We are still in the process of recording our full length CD titled Mr. Murdoch... We’re Ready For Our Target Audience. Drum tracks are half way finished and a summer release is expected.

We would like to take a moment of silence to honor those people, venues, and bands who have been with us and helped us to spread our message. Though blood is often spilt and too often it is our own and that of those lending a helping hand, we will never forget those who have made it possible for us to exist.

We struggle to exist. Not for salvation. Not for personal gain. Not for wealth. Not for power. We struggle to exist because it is all we know. We struggle because our blood will never stop flowing but because we struggle neither will our enemies.

…End Transmission


02.28.2010 01:06

We Are Live…

In the face of adversity we push on. Turning fear into the will to fight, frustration into conviction, and insecurity into faith. We incubate this sickness, nurturing it hoping to lend a cold hand to its throat when the time comes. It drains us, makes us weak, and it steals our breath. This is no time to falter. We will destroy this sound, this melody, this music that has brought us to this point. The duality of a god who is homeless shivering under an overpass in his own urine. We will poison it as it has poisoned us. We will not fail.

March 5th there will be a 21+ (after party) demonstration at Launchpad. Then March 6th we will draw our battle lines at Warehouse 508 with Balcony Scene, The Harlow Defense, HN-88 and Springloaded Hot Dog. March 19th we will join the Hardcore powerhouses Donnybrook and A Better Hope Foundation at Black Market Goods. We have presale tix available for $8, contact us through one of the communication lines to get yours.

March 19th will be the final show for our comrades in Flood the Sun at Burt's Tiki Lounge. They have graced us with the honor of sharing their final moments on this Earth. Though a win for the movement, the victory is bittersweet. Come and pay your respects.

Due to recent political shifts within the movement we are still searching for willing musicians to join our cause on the frontlines. Be well equipped and respond with haste. New propaganda is being planed as well as some releases from our colleagues. If you are in need of our services contact us.

Our strength is our conviction. We are unbreakable. We can never die.

…End Transmission


02.04.2010 12:46

We Are Live…

Musicians are cowards. They are made into liars, fakes, the rotten parts in the fruit of humanity trying to slowly poison the rest with music. They must be killed. Music must be destroyed. If it must start with us then let this act be the catalyst that drives the hammer until not one is left standing.

The protests continue we will be at Misty’s Hideaway Saturday, February 06th playing a free 21+ show. Then Tuesday, February 09th we will sharing the stage with The Harlow Defense, Emergency Ahead, and the Balcony Scene at the Launchpad for an all ages protest.

Big changes are happening. You will soon see. The size of the movement has grown and its sound is louder and more desperate. We continue to protest, please inform us of any new venues, house parties, and other opportunities to make our voice heard in the Rio Rancho area.

Not another life will music destroy. We will destroy our creation with our bare hands.

…End Transmission


01.11.2010 01:49

We Are Live…

The enemy still lives. He has infiltrated every part of what we once cherished. He’s in our airwaves, disguised in a new car smell, a lingering relic from an old abused AM radio. He is a parasite and we are his home. We will bite the flesh till he has been bleed out in a pissed stained alleyway. We will purge this virus.

Though the conditions are bitter cold we have not stopped. The outrage continues. We will be protesting Friday January 15th at Amped performance center with our respected comrades in The Photo Atlas. They have traveled far to add their voices to the chorus. Other demonstrations are to be held Wednesday January 20th at the Compound with hardcore legends Donnybrook and Friday January 22nd for a free 21+ show with comrades Zagadka and Hollow Lines.

We have acquired stolen copies of several rare live tracks never intended for public release. They are currently being leaked onto Myspace along with accompanying lyric manuscripts. It would appear that the full length “Mr. Murdoch… We’re Ready For Our Target Audience” is still in full production. We will keep you posted on any developing information.

Several of our comrades have come to us seeking aid printing propaganda for their own projects. We are in the process of screen printing for these dedicated militias and welcome any other interested parties to contact us.

We will not be ignored. We will shout our name and that name is vengeance.

…End Transmission


01.01.2010 22:17

We Are Live…

A decade has died. A decade of liars and fools paraded as messiahs and martyrs. We are the hammer to close this coffin. We know that music has had its dying breath. They have run out of ideas, scams, and ways to pretend their not holding onto a dead dream. We will be the death of this.

We will be protesting Saturday, January 2nd at Burts free of charge. Our comrades in arms Flood The Sun has given us this opportunity to speak to the community at this the most critical of times. We will be premiering brand new material for you to express your outrage.

Details are still scarce but it appears that the recording of the first collection of anthems, currently codenamed “Mr. Murdoch... We’re Ready For Our Target Audience,” is underway. We will leak more details as they come available.

Please refer to Music Kills Rock Stars Dot Com for up to date intel and contact us through Myspace, Facebook, and Twitter to learn what you can do for the cause.

Our aim must be true. We must not falter. We must not fail. This time… This time it’s a war.

…End Transmission


12.13.2009 23:35

We Are Live…

We have spent some time under the radar but be assured that the movement is still gaining momentum. Our engineers been tirelessly working on a re-branding of our Web site providing new intel in an extremely modernized and streamlined fashion. New opportunities to contact members and coordinate protests are easily available here.

Our PR department has been in negotiations with The Photo Atlas and we are proud to announce they will be joining us in an all ages live protest Friday January 15th 19:00 at Amped Performance Center and again Saturday January 16th for our comrades in the Santa Fe area. Several other key events will be scheduled in the month of January, we refer you to our website to stay up to date with all happenings in the movement.

We are still searching for key members to be appointed to the positions of Guitar and Bass. As always we keep our communication lines open in several mediums. Twitter, Facebook, and Myspace.

Monumental developments are in motion. Stay informed. Stay alert.

…End Transmission


11.15.2009 14:21

We Are Live…

The protest at Amped was inspirational. The youth and enthusiasm was astonishing. With this new generation filling our ranks the enemy will have no choice but to take notice and heed our warnings. We are going for the throat and we can not be stopped.

Our next live protest will be at Burts Tiki lounge Monday November 16th 22:00. Those legally certified for intoxication, and those who have secured permits though other means, are strongly encouraged to attend.

As you can see we are in the process of modernizing our message to combat the glossy, heartless, perpetuators of sensationalism. Standard issue uniforms are now available at our product page. Order your battle colors so that the enemy has no doubt who is pillaging its ranks.

We are still looking for key members to fill the roles of Bass and 2nd Guitar. Also we are tirelessly on a hunt to find more opportunities to protest and to join forces with other local groups. Musicians, Promoters, and bands please respond to this signal and send intel of your intent.

Much is in the works. The time is coming. Continue the fight.

…End Transmission


11.02.09 23:41

We Are Live…

Our numbers have grown exponentially in the last few months. The enthusiasm and dedication of our new comrades has impressed, and inspired us to sharpen our focus and become relentless in our mission.

Intel regarding our next live protest can be found below. We will be using our method of guerrilla warfare to take over the stage at Amped performance center. Once fortified we will express our ideals of rebellion using the medium of the enemy.

Our engineers have been producing new propaganda tirelessly. The product of their hard work will be available at the next live protest in an effort to raise funds to further the movement.

We are still looking for key members to assist us with guitar and bass.

Your dedication has not gone unnoticed. Continue to fight.

Friday, November 6th @ Amped Performance Center (4200 Lomas Blvd) All Ages - $5 - 6:30 p.m. w/ Martial Law, Emergency Ahead, Nature of Monsters, and Spring-loaded Hotdog ….End Transmission

…End Transmission

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